mystore handles routine marketing collateral fulfillment so you can focus on making the right moves.

Why you need mystore

Growing Your Brand

Your team uses business cards, brochures, displays, and promotional swag to drive growth. Order your promotional supplies from CX&B and you’ll get MyStore, a turn-key warehousing and fulfillment program including your own customized web portal. Your team will have instant access to whatever marketing supplies they need at the touch of a button.

Streamline Marketing

If someone on your team needs 50 brochures, a branded tablecloth and some giveaway pens for an event next week, we ship it to them from your stock at the touch of a button. We help you source the best marketing items, store your inventory in our secure warehouse and ship it to your team when and where they need it.

Generate Cost Savings

MyStore saves time! Your staff can focus on higher level duties while we take care of your marketing collateral. You select the items and programs you need, and we source, store, and fulfill. With MyStore you get complete tracking of your inventory. You will always know who ordered what and where it was shipped.

How ItWorks

MyStore is a turn-key warehousing and fulfillment program for all your marketing collateral. CX&B has been furnishing Brochures, Business Cards, Corporate Apparel, Displays and Promotional Products for over 48 years. We developed MyStore to help clients use the products they order from us more efficiently.

MyStore is your store because it’s all your marketing supplies in one place!

Let us know the exact marketing supplies you need, and we’ll provide a competitive quote.

Our SpecialServices


On-Demand Printing & Embroidery

Consider reducing your inventory. We can print and deliver quickly in small quantities if that works better for your needs.


Program Tracking & Reporting

We provide monthly reports on all activity for your program. You’ll know where all your marketing supplies are all the time.


Creative Ideas

As we learn about your organization, we’ll suggest ideas to help you achieve your goals. We’ll make sure you are informed of the latest trends, ideas.


Rush Service

We are a get it done company. Tell us what, when, and where you need it and we’ll get it done. We love a challenge and look forward to helping you!


Here are some examples of how clients are using mystore. The service is customized to your unique needs.

mystore is a turn-key warehousing and fulfillment program for all your marketing collateral including brochures, business cards, corporate apparel, uniforms, promotional products, and recognition gifts.

RodMitchell President CX&B | Promotional Products Agency

“We have always worked hard to find ways to deliver more for our clients and MyStore does exactly that.”
We developed MyStore as a way to add value for our clients. We own our own building and have built a great team over the years so why not give our clients the service they need to get full value from the products we provide.
“At first we didn’t realize how useful the service would be or how many creatives ways our clients would think of to use it. It’s turned out to be a game changer!”
My Store delivers an all-inclusive marketing collateral solution at little or no extra cost.
We want to be your first choice when you need custom printed merchandise!
Rod Mitchell

People who have trustedus so far


It’s an all-inclusive warehousing and fulfillment program for all your marketing collateral. The service includes warehousing, inventory management, and monthly reporting. To get MyStore, just source your marketing supplies from CX&B. Our prices are competitive plus you get more with MyStore!

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MyStore, your online solution to marketing collateral management.

Some of OurClients

CX&B is in it’s 49th year of providing promotional solutions. Here are a few of the clients we are proud to serve.

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We provide promotional products and creative programs to help clients engage, motivate, recognize, and thank the people who make them successful.

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